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Intellectual Property Rights, Trademarks in Architectural Design

The protection of architectural creations through intellectual property rights is a crucial aspect of safeguarding the ingenuity and creativity inherent in architectural design. Intellectual property rights, including patents, copyrights, and trademarks, play a pivotal role in ensuring that architects receive recognition and compensation for their innovative works. Copyright law serves as the primary means of […]



The history of patents is a fascinating journey that dates back centuries, evolving alongside human innovation and societal needs. The concept of patents can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where rulers granted exclusive rights to individuals for their inventions. However, the modern patent system as we know it today began to take shape during […]

An Often-Ignored Aspect of Quality in U.S. Patents: The Drawings

As I have written previously, quality is paramount in the overall value of a United States patent.  Let’s face it, the United States is a litigious country, and the expenses associated with enforcing or defending an infringement accusation can literally bankrupt a person or company involved in litigation.  It makes no sense, therefore, to skimp […]

Drafting and prosecuting high quality patents

There are many aspects to what constitutes the “quality” of a patent in the United States. The term “quality” primarily refers to a patent’s strength when that patent is the subject of litigation in this country, and more specifically, the likelihood that said patent will be held to be valid and infringed by a competitor. […]


A patent is a type of intellectual property that protects an invention, which could take the form of an apparatus (e.g., a product or object), a method of doing something (e.g., an industrial process), a newly created plant, or a design. Nominally, and subject to certain adjustments that go beyond the scope of this article, […]

The Refill “Stuffing” issue

A client had as its business model the sale of somewhat conventional refills of a consumable product, and to that end developed and traditionally patented well-designed and sophisticated dispensers of that consumable, which it leased to its customers.   But that approach simply prevented others from copying the client’s dispensers – while doing nothing  to prevent competitors […]

The Design alternative

A client approached the PatentXL Law Firm’s founding attorney with a pending utility patent application that the client was in the process of letting go abandoned because of the many rejections issued by the USPTO against that application.   That application was directed to a dispenser of a consumable product.  The numerous rejections issued by […]